What's New


New Graph Analytic Computer Being Developed - Funded by DARPA, massively parallel non-von-Neumann processor designed for Big Data applications.


IRDS White Papers Featured - Tom Conte, co-chair of IRDS interviewed about future of semiconductor industry.


NASA High Performance Fast Computing Challenge (HPFCC) - NASA has an open competition to speed up supercomputer simulations of computational fluid dynamics, with a deadline of June 29, and top prizes up to $55,000.


Neuromorphic Chip Composes Music - IMEC in Belgium has designed a neuromorphic chip that can be trained using musical passages to compose music on its own.


Intel Universal Memory Technology - Intel has developed a new faster type of solid-state hard drive for data centers, based on a technology known as 3D XPoint.


Google Tensor Processing Unit - TPU is ASIC chip designed for neural networks and machine learning, for use with TensorFlow software.


Rambus Cryo DRAM - Rambus is collaborating with Microsoft researchers to develop new CMOS DRAM chips designed to operate at cryogenic temperatures of 90 K or below, for possible future use with cryogenic processors.


Proposed DNA computer faster than conventional supercomputers - Manchester University (UK) researchers use exponential parallelism to design a non-deterministic universal Turing machine.


IBM Research Team Demonstrates magnetic storage using single atoms - This could lead to a storage density factor of 1000x greater than current technology.


Underwater Data Centers? - Microsoft proposes possibility of data centers under the ocean surface to improve energy efficiency.


IBM predicts breakthroughs in next 5 years - AI, smart sensors, and medical devices.


IEEE Computer Society predicts the future of technology - Key innovations will include machine learning, non-volatile memories, and brain-computer interfaces.


3D Nanocomputer Prototype Designed - Research at UCSB by Prof. Dmitri Strukov uses 3D arrays of memristors.


HPE Demonstrates Memory-Driven Computer Architecture - Prototype part of “The Machine” research project based on non-volatile memory and optical data links.