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Robust Machine Learning

IEEE Design & Test Magazine has a special issue on machine learning in systems with constrained resources, such as low power in edge devices.

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Conference Held on Practical Quantum Computing

A conference was held in December 2019 in San Jose, California, USA focusing on current and future business applications of quantum computing, with talks by leading experts in the field.

To see the videos and slides of invited talks, visit the Q2B website


Improved “Annealing” Optimization Chip

Japanese researchers designed and demonstrated CMOS circuit for faster combinatorial optimization problems using improved annealing architecture.

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Enhancing the Efficiency of Data Centers Using Game Theory

Computer servers in data centers consume enormous power and risk overheating. Optimal performance may be structured as a competitive game.

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AI for Integrated Circuit Layout

Google researchers propose Reinforcement Learning to automate and optimize block placement in complex AI chips.

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Here’s a Blueprint for a Practical Quantum Computer

Building and controlling a quantum computer will be quite the engineering challenge, however, perhaps the biggest difficulty lies in making sure that the basic set of control signals do what they should do and that the qubits behave as expected.

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Nonvolatile Content Addressable Memory

Researchers have demonstrated several new types of compact, low-power memory cells. These may also be used for fast In-Memory Computing.

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IEEE International Network Generations Roadmap (INGR)

New roadmap on 5G Communications and Beyond. From the IEEE Future Networks Initiative.

For further information, and to download the roadmap, read the press release on Business Wire


2D Semiconductors for Atom-Thick Transistors

IMEC in Belgium is developing fabrication techniques for making nanoscale transistors based on single layers of 2D materials such as WS2.

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Wafer-Scale Engine for Deep Learning

Startup Cerebras Systems is developing the world’s largest chip, for AI systems with improved speed and power efficiency. 20-cm chip contains one trillion transistors, half a million processor cores, and 20 GB memory.

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Magnetic Spin-Wave Computing

Recent research at MIT used nanoscale magnetic elements to demonstrate modulation of a magnetic spin wave, with very little power dissipation. Similar elements may have application to the development of novel computing circuits.

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IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering

New open-access electronic journal sponsored by IEEE societies on Magnetics, Superconductivity, Microwave Theory & Techniques, Photonics, and Signal Processing. Submissions invited on Engineering Applications of Quantum Computing, Information, Communication, Software, Hardware, and Devices.

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IEEE Computer Society 2020 Technology Predictions

The cover story in the December issue of Computer features the top 12 new technology trends for 2020, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Quantum Computing.

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