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Fujitsu Digital Annealing Chip

Custom CMOS chip designed to solve optimization problems may be alternative to analog quantum annealing systems.


Quantum Computing for Business

Conference held Dec. 2017 at NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA. Keynote Presentations are available online.


Top Picks from 2017 Computer Architecture Conferences

Cover story in May/June IEEE Micro Magazine

See here for Guest Editor’s Introduction.


Cybersecurity: The Security and Protection Challenges of Our Digital World

Cover story of IEEE Computer Magazine, April 2018.

For the Guest Editor’s Introduction, read here.


New IRDS Roadmap Released

The next 15 years in the electronics and computer industries promise to be both challenging and exciting. See here for predictions on diverse topics such as Application Benchmarking, Systems and Architectures, Emerging Materials, and Beyond CMOS.


Stochastic Computing for Simple, Low-Power Circuits

Computing with random pulses may have application to retinal implants and neural networks.


New GPUs improve both HPC and Machine Learning

The latest Nvidia GPUs enable improved performance for deep learning and for parallel supercomputers.


Memtransistors combine memristors and transistors to make artificial neurons

Researchers at Northwestern University develop multi-terminal devices from molybdenum disulfide that may enable neuromorphic computing.


Let’s Talk Exascale

The Exascale Computing Project (ECP) of the US Department of Energy has released a set of Podcasts addressing various topics in software, hardware, and applications.


Semiconductor Research Corporation and DARPA Fund New University Research Centers

JUMP program is providing $200M over 5 years for 6 US universities, in centers covering diverse topics including nanotechnology, processing-in-memory, and brain-inspired computing.


Big Data Computing Report

The Big Data and Extreme-Scale Computing (BDEC) working group has issued a new report on Pathways to Convergence of HPC and Big Data in future technology.


Analog Computing Chips

For certain approximate calculations, analog chips may offer increased speed at reduced power. An article in IEEE Spectrum reviews the history and future prospects of analog and hybrid analog-digital chips.


Nanoring Transistor Design

IEEE Spectrum reports on a Qualcomm study of several alternative designs for transistors at scales of 5 nm and beyond, including a nanoring structure with reduced capacitance.


Ultra-Low-Power Processors

IEEE Micro Magazine has a Nov/Dec special issue on ultra-low-power processors for the Internet-of-Things and other applications.


IEEE Computer Society Predicts Top Ten Technology Trends for 2018

Leading experts in the IEEE Computer Society identified 10 computer industry trends that are likely to become widespread during 2018, including Deep Learning, Digital Currencies, and Blockchain.