General Articles - 2019


Low-Power Computer Vision Challenge and Workshop at ICCV

28 October 2019 | Seoul, Korea • Co-sponsored by LPIRC

See the winning entries, workshop program, and presentations


Brain-Inspired Computing

Interview with leaders in the field of neuromorphic computing

For further information, read more at Nature


IEEE Micro
Special Issue on Monolithic 3D Integration

Full integration of many layers of logic and memory on the same chip should enable enhanced performance in future computer systems.

For further information, read the Guest Editor’s Introduction at IEEE Xplore


Highlights of IEEE Rebooting Computing Week 2019

IEEE Rebooting Computing Week 2019 was held on 4-8 November 2019 in San Mateo, California, USA.

Read about the highlights of RC Week


Goodbye, Motherboard. Hello, Silicon Interconnect Fabric

Multiple chiplets on silicon wafers for improved computing performance

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Why Deep Learning AIs Are so Easy to Fool

AI researchers are trying to fix the flaws of neural networks

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Accelerators for Machine Learning

Special issue of IEEE Micro magazine, with articles covering a wide variety of hardware and software solutions for more efficient machine learning.

For the overview by the guest editors, read more at IEEE Xplore


Nonvolatile Memory for Efficient Implementation of Neuromorphic Computing

Special Issue of IEEE Journal on Exploratory Solid-State Devices and Circuits. All articles open access.

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IEEE Roadmaps Guide the Future of Electronic and Computer Industries

New update of International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS™) available. More roadmaps being developed for Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors, 5G Networks, and Heterogeneous Integration.

For further information, read more at IEEE Spectrum


Edge Computing
Special Issue of Proceedings of the IEEE

Distributed processing for devices of the Internet of Things

For an overview of the articles in the special issue, read more at IEEE Xplore


Specialized AI Chips Offer Both Promise and Peril for Developers

Wide Variety of New Chips for Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Language Processing

For the full article, read more at IEEE Spectrum


DARPA Electronics Resurgence Initiative and Artificial Intelligence Colloquium

For videos of keynote talks from both of these recent events, visit the DARPAtv channel on YouTube


Intel’s Neuromorphic Computer Contains 8 Million Neurons
100 Million Neurons Expected by 2020

Novel architecture for improved machine learning

For an article on the promise of this system, read more at IEEE Spectrum


For Specialized Optimizing Machines, It’s All in the Connections

Whether it’s an Ising machine or a quantum annealer, the machine seems to matter less than how the parts connect.

Read more at IEEE Spectrum


DARPA Electronics Resurgence Initiative

$1.5B Research Program to Revitalize US Electronics Industry

For an interview with the Program Director Mark Rosker, read more at IEEE Spectrum


Analog Electro-Optic Accelerator Chip

A neural-net based on light could best digital computers

Read more at IEEE Spectrum


Computer - Special Issue on Quantum Realism

The June 2019 issue of Computer examines what has been accomplished in quantum computing, ideas that have been demonstrated, and where the path to the future lies.

Read the Guest Editors' Introduction at IEEE Xplore


IEEE International Roadmap for Devices and Systems™: 2018 Edition Update Now Available

The 2018 Edition of IRDS™ features an Executive Summary, chapter updates on a variety of device technologies and system applications, and a new chapter on Cryogenic Electronics and Quantum Information Processing. The Roadmap is open access to participants of the IRDS™ Technical Community, which is free to join.

Access the 2018 Edition Roadmap at the IRDS™ website


For Better Computing, Liberate CPUs from Garbage Collection

IEEE Spectrum “Tech Talk Blog” reports that routine memory allocation and cleanup, known as “Garbage Collection” can be accomplished more efficiently using a small hardware accelerator separate from the CPU.

For further information, see here


Computing Community Consortium: 20-Year Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence Research in the US

New Draft Report recommending future US government efforts to promote R&D in AI.

See here for an overview and link to the draft report


Cognitive Computer Systems

Special issue of IEEE Computer Magazine for May 2019.

For the Guest Editors’ Introduction, see here


Workshop on Thermodynamic Computing

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) held a workshop in Honolulu, Hawaii, Jan 2019, to address the novel field of thermodynamic computing. This could provide fundamentally new future approaches to machine learning and neuromorphic computing.

For a podcast interview of workshop organizers Profs. Tom Conte (Georgia Tech) and Todd Hylton (UCSD), see here


Upcoming DARPA Summit on Electronics Resurgence Initiative

The US Department of Defense is promoting a government-industry partnership to continue growth in high-performance electronics in advanced computing and other applications. Keynote speakers at the Summit in Detroit, Michigan, in July 2019, include representatives of AMD, Qualcomm, Global Foundries, IBM, and Amazon.

See here for more information and registration


IEEE Quantum Initiative

New initiative of IEEE Future Directions, with new web portal:

Information on workshops, news, and articles on quantum computing and information processing.


Quantum for Business

A conference on quantum computing for industrial applications was held in Mountain View, California, Dec. 10-12, 2018

Presentations of invited speakers are available here


Programmable DNA Computer

IEEE Spectrum presents the results of recent research at Caltech about a self-assembling DNA computer that can be programmed for a variety of algorithms

See here for more information


Quantum Initiatives Around the World

Special issue of journal Quantum Science and Technology features open-access articles about Quantum Computing R&D programs in US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

For further information, see here


Emerging Memory Technologies
Special Issue of IEEE Micro Magazine, Jan/Feb 2019

A wide variety of new memory technologies are being introduced, which provide opportunities for new architectures for future computer systems.
See here for the overview by the Guest Editors


Cyber Grand Challenge

DARPA sponsored a competition to demonstrate an AI system to automate Cyberdefense. The winning team from Carnegie Mellon University developed “Mayhem”.
For further information, see here


Hardware Acceleration
Special Issue of IEEE Micro Magazine, Nov/Dec 2018

Chips such as GPUs and FPGAs are being applied to accelerate the performance of computers.
See here for the Table of Contents of this issue


HiPEAC Vision 2019

HiPEAC is the European Network on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation. A 178-page report on the future of computing has just been issued.
See here for an overview video and the HiPEAC Vision 2019 Report


Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C)

New US Government-Industry consortium initiated by NIST and SRI to promote the new technology of Quantum Information Science.
For further information, see here (PDF, 269 KB).


AMD at CES 2019

CES 2019 is showcasing the next generation in computing innovation.
Watch keynote by AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su here.


Zettascale Computing by 2035?

Zetta is the metric prefix for 1021, 1000x larger than the scale for the Exascale supercomputers now under development.
See here for further information on possible Zettascale Computing, which links to the journal article


IEEE Roadmaps Guide Future Memories and Applications

The IEEE International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS) is tracking emerging memory device technologies that will be critical in the development of future high-performance computing systems.
For further information see here


US National Academies Report on the Prospects of Quantum Computing

Committee of experts promotes continued R&D and projects long-term benefits of quantum computing technology.
For further information and a link to the report, see here