HPE Progress in Memory Driven Computing and AI

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mocn0m4bTi4

The HPE Discover Conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2018. This video includes interviews with speakers Kirk Bresniker, HPE Chief Architect, and Beena Ammanath, HPE Global VP for AI.

Bresniker spoke about Memory-Driven Computing, a new generation of systems designing to deal with Big Data sets, and how this technology is being co-developed between HPE Labs and several potential customers. A “development sandbox” has been created in the cloud, so that customers may determine how to use this technology most effectively, with their own data sets.

Ammanath spoke about the present and future development of AI, and that it is important to distinguish between the reality and the hype. The present reality deals with what might be called narrow AI, where computer systems can learn a narrow subject area and can sometimes beat out human experts. Efforts to develop general AI, where computer systems try to duplicate general human intelligence in much broader areas, have been much less successful. Super AI, which could in principle out-compete any and all humans, should not really be a concern for the foreseeable future.