Technology Spotlight - 2014


Cognitive Computing Research at IBM: A New Era of Computing

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Cognitive Computing is a novel approach to computing whereby computers work and interact (with each other and with humans) using adaptive machine learning that attempts to mimic the behavior and even the structure of human brains. An example is the IBM Watson machine.

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Neuromorphic Computing

By Rebooting Computing Portal Staff


An Interview with IEEE Rebooting Computing Working Group Co-Chairs

Co-Chairs Elie Track and Tom Conte discuss the motivation behind the Rebooting Computing Initiative, in an interview conducted by Bob Hebner, VP of Technical Activities at IEEE. They cite the need to "rethink the computer from soup to nuts" and they convey the excitement surrounding this topic as well as the collaborative effort and the approach being taken in the Initiative.


Google and NASA Turn to New D-Wave Computer

By Jeremy Hsu

A new version of D-Wave's supposed quantum computers could help NASA hunt for alien worlds or enhance Google's mammoth search engine before the end of the year. The U.S. space agency and Internet search giant have joined a growing list of high-profile customers using the latest D-Wave machine despite lingering skepticism from quantum computing experts.