What's New


RAND Study Advocates Post-Quantum Cryptography - New report proposes development of communication security protocols that are more resistant against future quantum computers.


Silicon Spin Qubits Demonstrated - Researchers fabricate silicon quantum dots that can operate at temperatures above 1 K.


DoE issues report on AI for Science - Argonne National Laboratory summarizes town hall meetings on AI, big data, and high performance computing in the next decade.


Roadmap for Wide Bandgap Semiconductors - IEEE Power Electronics Society releases Roadmap on development of ICs of GaN and SiC for high-power applications.


New faster parallel optimization algorithm implemented on FPGAs and GPUs - Toshiba sees applications to financial engineering.


New project on DNA-based memory technology - Collaboration between Georgia Tech, Microsoft, University of Washington, and others.


Princeton Quantum Initiative - New interdisciplinary program in quantum computing at Princeton University


International Race to Demonstrate First Exascale Computer - China, US, EU, and Japan competing, with China’s entry possible in 2020.


Neural Network Processor for Machine Learning - Intel announces new commercial AI chips for training and inference.


Quantum Information Edge - New consortium on quantum computing led by US National Laboratories, with universities and industry.