What's New - 2019


Update of National Strategic Computing Initiative - New Report from US Office of Science and Technology Policy addresses changes from original 2016 plan, including new emphasis on cybersecurity.


Quantum Supremacy? - Google’s quantum tech milestone excites scientists and spurs rivals.


Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap - Industry consortium SEMI announces new 15-year roadmap for electronic packaging and systems.


Low-energy alternative to Bitcoin? - New financial algorithms are secure but much more energy-efficient than blockchains.


Carbon Nanotube Microprocessor - 16-bit programmable processor based on 3D integrated circuit including 15,000 transistors.


Moore’s Law for Circuit Density is Continuing - Smaller circuits and 3D integration may enable growth in density for 30 years.


Artificial Intelligence Roadmap Released by Computing Community Consortium - Project key areas of collaborative research over next 20 years in academia, industry, and government.


Secure Computer Architectures - Special Issue of IEEE Micro Magazine


NSF Seeks Public Input on Updated National Strategic Computing Initiative - Deadline for online submission of comments is 23 August.


Wafer-Scale Fabrication of 3D Carbon Nanotube Chips - Integrated with RRAM memory arrays


Processing in Memory to Reduce Power - Non-von-Neumann architecture could be key to low-power machine learning.


Photonic Neural Network - Researchers in Germany and UK demonstrate pattern recognition in all-optical chip.


Microsoft Open Source Quantum Computing Software - Q# language and quantum development kit enable programming quantum simulators.


Intel’s View of the Chiplet Revolution - Packaging of multiple chiplets with high-speed interconnects to enhance performance, density, and reliability.


Ion-Based Quantum Computing - New company IonQ uses integrated traps of single ions, linked by laser beams, without requiring cryogenic cooling.


Digital Annealer Chip for Practical Optimization Problems - Fujitsu markets CMOS accelerator chip that uses “quantum-inspired” algorithms.


Quantum No Threat to Supercomputing As We Know It - Cray and others see no major impact for at least 10 years


How the Spectre and Meltdown Hacks Really Worked - Speculative Execution enables CPUs to work faster, but opens the door to attacks.


New US Government Initiative in Artificial Intelligence - White House announcement proposes to coordinate efforts in government, industry, and academia, to support R&D and education in the field of AI.


IBM Announces IBM Q System One quantum computing platform - Superconducting 20-qubit platform will be available to outside users via the cloud.


IEEE Computer Society Predicts Top 10 Trends for 2019 - Accelerators for Deep Learning lead the list.


US National Quantum Initiative Approved - Provides $1.2B over 5 years to promote quantum information science at government agencies, and coordinate with R&D in academia and industry.


IBM Reveals 8-Bit Analog Chip with Phase-Change Memory - Designed for integration with neural nets.