What's New - 2018


In-Memory Computing Chip as AI Accelerator - Princeton University researchers designed and demonstrated analog neural network integrated with CPU.


Europe Launches Quantum Flagship R&D Project - 10-year, 1B€ program includes quantum computing, communication, simulation, and sensing.


New MIT College of Computing - $1B commitment focuses on education and research toward future AI.


IBM Identifies New Class of Problems for Quantum Computers - Can be implemented using present generation of noisy quantum computers.


3 Directions for Moore’s Law - Major companies are taking different approaches to continued scaling of transistors.


Berkeley Quantum Computing Testbed - New Dept. of Energy project to design and test superconducting circuits for quantum computing.


US National Cyber Strategy - New reports from White House and US Dept. of Defense on protecting cyber infrastructure.


White House Summit on Quantum Information Science - US Agencies Plan Coordinated Efforts in Quantum Computing R&D


IEEE Journal of Exploratory Solid-State Computational Devices and Circuits - Special Issue on Nonvolatile Memory for Efficient Implementation of Neuromorphic Computing


National Quantum Initiative - US Congress considering bill promoting enhanced government support for R&D in quantum computing and quantum communication.


Microsoft Promotes Q# Programming Language for Quantum Computing - Open access software package designed for variety of potential quantum computing platforms.


IBM Announces Prototype Deep Learning Chip - New advanced CMOS chip designed to accelerate a variety of deep learning algorithms.


DARPA Electronics Research Initiative Summit - New Workshops on AI, Security, Systems Emulation, and Integrated Photonics associated with new funding initiative.


Ultrafast MRAM - IMEC in Belgium demonstrated a new magnetic random access memory based on spin-orbit torque (SOT-MRAM) with a switching speed of 200 picoseconds.


Probabilistic Computing for AI - Intel is promoting research into incorporating probabilistic computing into real-world AI systems such as autonomous vehicles.


White House forms AI Panel with Industry Summit - The US Office of Science and Technology Policy sponsored a Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, which met recently with US Industry Leaders in the field.


National Machine Intelligence Strategy - The Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies together with Booz-Allen Hamilton presented a new report promoting a strategic plan for application of machine intelligence in government and industry.


New Computing Research Center at University of Virginia - Center for Research in Intelligent Storage and Processing-in-Memory (CRISP) sponsored by DARPA and Semiconductor Research Corporation.


US Department of Energy Announces Plans to Acquire 3 Exascale Computers - Systems to be delivered by 2023 at Oak Ridge, Livermore, and Argonne National Laboratories.


Patterson and Hennessey win Turing Award for RISC Processors - Approach developed in 1980s still dominates modern microprocessors.


IARPA program on Molecular Information Storage - New US government research program in nanoscale data storage and retrieval, including biological systems.


Stochastic Computing in a Single Device - Minnesota researchers demonstrate magnetic tunnel junction which processes logic using random bits.


Continuing progress internationally in moving toward exascale computers - Approaches to reduce power requirements include improved memory architectures and GPUs.


Microsoft Announces Quantum Development Kit - Microsoft has publicly released a Quantum Development Kit, a software environment for developing applications of quantum computing.