LPIRC 2019 Workshop Call for Papers: Grand Challenge in Low-Power Computer Vision


Competitions are widely adopted in academia, industry, and government to propel technologies forward. Well-known competitions include the DARPA Autonomous Vehicle Challenge and the Space X prize. The competitions have been attributed as the accelerators of making significant progress in the technologies. This workshop solicits papers that describe future competition of low-power computer vision. Authors are encouraged to think boldly, imagining “Grand Challenge” or “X Prize” types of competitions. The paper should describe one (or several) competitions that are (1) easy to understand, (2) easy to evaluate success objectively, (3) possible but at least 5 years beyond today's technologies.

Authors are encouraged to discuss the following issues in their papers:

  • Description of the challenge.
  • Who cares? Who can benefit if the challenges are solved?
  • Why are these challenges? Why are they difficult and yet achievable?
  • Description of the data (e.g., image, video, with or without caption)
  • Is any existing dataset used? If so, is the dataset sufficient or additional improvements are needed?
  • Methods to acquire the data
  • Description about copyright and privacy (if applicable)
  • Methods to annotate the data (if applicable, for getting the ground truth)
  • Methods for scoring
  • Infrastructure for scoring (if applicable, for example online grading server or harness)
  • Constraints of hardware (if applicable, for example weight, size)
  • Minimum or maximum requirements (e.g., accuracy, energy. execution time)
  • (Optional) The paths to solve the challenges
  • Differences from existing competitions

All submissions must be in PDF format. Submissions have no page limits. Please use the CVPR 2019 submission style.

Several selected papers will be presented in the LPIRC workshop in CVPR 2019. The accepted papers will be posted on this website and will not be included in the CVPR proceeding.

Important Dates:

  • Paper submission: 2019/04/30 (This is a hard deadline and will not be extended). Submission is open.
  • Acceptance notification: 2019/05/20
  • Presentation: LPIRC Workshop at CVPR

Submission site: https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/GCLPCV2019