Low-Power Image Recognition Challenge (LPIRC) Sponsorship



The IEEE International Low-Power Image Recognition Challenge (LPIRC) is the premier competition that combines low-power and computer vision. Energy-efficient computer vision is crucial for systems that have cameras and rely on batteries, such as mobile phones and drones. A solution receives images and has to recognize objects (such as humans, vehicles, furniture, animals) and locate the objects in the images. The score is the ratio of recognition accuracy divided by the energy consumption. Since 2015, the winners’ scores have improved 24 times. LPIRC provide high international visibility of the sponsors. The 2019 LPIRC was held in early June (online submission). The winners were announced at the International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR).


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

Sponsorship Special Track On Website On Award Certificates In Publications 10-minute Speech in Award Ceremony
Diamond Y Y Y Y Y
Platinum Y Y Y Y
Gold Y Y Y
Silver Y Y
Bronze Y
  • A Diamond sponsor can create a special track using specific hardware or software (or both). The sponsors must provide necessary technical support.
  • On Website: All sponsors’ logo will be shown on the LPIRC website.
  • On Award Certificates: The winners’ award certificates will include the sponsors’ logos.
  • In Publications: The sponsors’ logos will be included in LPIRC’s reports and presentations.
  • Lunch with Winners: After the award ceremony, the sponsors are invited to meet the winners.


Sponsors of LPIRC

IEEE Rebooting ComputingGoogleFacebookIEEE Circuits and Systems SocietyIEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation.jpgNVIDIAXilinxIEEE Council on Superconductivity.jpgMediaTekIEEE Sustainable ICT


Grand Challenge for Low-Power Computer Vision Challenge

IEEE Rebooting Computing is planning a Grand Challenge for Low-Power Computer Vision (including video) with the top prize of $1M (US Dollars). Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact us for more information.



Terence Martinez, t.c.martinez@ieee.org, 732-562-6382
Program Director, Future Directions, IEEE Technical Activities.