Quantum Computing


Announcement: Workshop on Benchmarking Quantum Computational Devices and Systems

In conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing (ICRC 2018), we have organized a workshop to bring together researchers who are developing quantum computational devices, and researchers with experience benchmarking classical machines and systems at all levels of the stack. Please find the Call for Participation (PDF, 77 KB) for the workshop, which is scheduled for Wednesday, 7 November from 10:00-12:00 ET.

The goal of the workshop is to facilitate knowledge transfer from benchmarking classical systems to the task of benchmarking quantum systems. Workshop participation is open to all ICRC attendees. Some limited time will be available for short presentations of position papers: those interested in presenting a position paper should contact the organizers with a description of the proposed topic and content.

Please forward any questions or requests to give short position presentations to the workshop organizers.

Workshop Dates: 7-8 November 2018.
Workshop Location: Co-located with ICRC, Tysons, VA, USA.

Workshop Organizers:
Anastasiia Butko, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (abutko@lbl.gov)
Catherine McGeoch, D-Wave Systems (cmcgeoch@dwavesys.com)
Travis Humble, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (humblets@ornl.gov)


IEEE Quantum Computing Summit

2018 Quantum Computing SummitRecent technical advances are driving rapid growth of interest and attention to quantum computing. While IEEE already has a modest number of activities that include quantum computing, the goal of thissummit is to start developing a position that may apply more broadly.

IEEE is in an unusual or unique position amongst players in quantum computing. IEEE is not competingwith any other organization and can work with the government in some cases. IEEE does not perform or fund research directly and will not be a prime user of quantum computers. However, IEEE could be very influential through its conferences, publications, roadmap, its members in general, and its outreach in areas like education and public policy. IEEE’s unique position suggests a unique positioning for IEEE. This summit will propose a candidate position.

This meeting is organized like other workshops or summits, which often take a path different than the organizers anticipated. The organizers’ plan is to produce a white paper with a candidate quantumcomputing position for IEEE. The summit will have plenary talks and three sessions of parallel workinggroups. Each group will address issues that could become sections of a whitepaper and present asummary near the end of the summit. A writer will be present at the conference and will draft a whitepaper afterwards, circulating it to participants and a few other interested parties.



TopicSpeakerDownload Presentation
Summit Agenda Download (PDF, 156 KB)
Introduction Erik P. DeBenedictis, IEEE Rebooting Computing Initiative, Center for Computing Research, Sandia Download (PDF, 395 KB)
Hardware for Universal Quantum Computers - a programmable trapped-ion machine Norbert M. Linke, TIQI group; Chris Monroe, JQI, UMD Download (PDF, 2 MB)
Quantum Algorithms: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We’re Going Andrew T Sornborger, BML Quantum and Neuromorphic Project Lead, Information Sciences, CCS-3 Download (PDF, 2 MB)