Preliminary Announcement: IEEE Rebooting Computing Summit 4 (RCS 4)

IEEE Rebooting Computing ITRS 2.0

Roadmapping the Future of Computing:
    Discovering How We May Compute

9-11 December 2015, Washington Hilton, Washington DC
Follows the end of International Electronic Devices Meeting (IEDM 2015)

Continuing our series of Summits on how to redefine computing, the fourth IEEE Rebooting Computing Summit (RCS 4) will highlight novel approaches to computing that reach beyond the present industry vision, moving toward a new Roadmap of Future Computing that can guide both hardware and software development for the next 10-20 years. This is particularly timely now that the US government has issued challenges associated with the new National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) and the Nanotechnology-Inspired Grand Challenge for Future Computing: to establish a path forward for future computing systems even after the limits of current semiconductor technology are reached.

RCS 1 laid the foundation by identifying key directions of future computing focus, leading to the creation of three “pillars” underlying rebooting computing – security & privacy, the human-computer interface, and energy efficiency. RCS 2 and 3 examined potential new engines of computing (approximate, neuromorphic, etc.) and defined research challenges inherent in the pillars. More information about these summits can be found in the reports on the RC Portal.

Recognizing the synergy between IEEE-RC and ITRS 2.0, we have formally aligned our efforts, enabling both a bottom-up and top-down methodology. A joint workshop in July helped to define a framework for examining emerging ideas and technologies for rebooting computing. A White Paper on “Sensible Machines”, a new type of future computers, has also recently been released by RC and ITRS.

RCS 4 provides a venue for technical and program leaders to gain a deeper understanding of this topic, including:

  • A concise description of the major findings to date from the RC initiative;
  • An overview of major national and international initiatives;
  • A detailed presentation applying the framework developed to emerging engines of computing;
  • A poster session (contributions solicited) providing additional details on current research efforts;
  • In-depth discussions to focus the momentum towards creating a Roadmap of Future Computing.

More information on the program will soon be available on the RC Portal. Summary Schedule:

  • Wednesday Dec. 9, an evening welcome reception
  • Thursday Dec 10, Summary of RC progress to date, invited presentations, and poster session
  • Friday Dec 11, breakout sessions, followed by group conclusions presented to the full audience


RCS 4 is by invitation only, but spots for qualified attendees may still be available. Please contact Bichlien Hoang ( if you are interested in attending.


IEEE 2015 RCS 4 Co-Chairs
Erik DeBenedictis, IEEE Computer Society and Sandia National Laboratory
David Mountain, IEEE Electron Device Society and National Security Agency


IEEE Rebooting Computing Initiative Co-Chairs
Tom Conte, Ph.D - President, IEEE Computer Society
Elie Track, Ph.D - Past President, IEEE Council on Superconductivity