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Feature Article

Feature Article

Rebooting Computing: Developing a Roadmap for the Future of the Computer Industry

Members of the RC Steering Committee contributed an article to a special issue of Mondo Digitale, a trade magazine sponsored by the Italian Association for Informatics and Automatic Computation. The article reviewed how both the RC Initiative and the new IRDS Roadmap are working to reinvent the field of computing to maintain exponential enhancement in performance beyond the end of Moore’s Law scaling. Most of the article is in English.

Read the article here.

Other articles in this issue are available here.

Technology Spotlight

Technology Spotlight

Rebooting Computing Panel at IEEE Technology Time Machine

The 2016 TTM meeting sponsored by IEEE Future Directions was held in San Diego, Sept. 20-21, 2016. The theme was “Making the Future”. Many of the presentations were recorded by IEEE.tv. Watch the presentations here.

One presentation was a panel on Rebooting Computing, with panelists Elie Track, Tom Conte, Stan Williams, and Bob Voigt.

Elie Track and Tom Conte on RC Initiative

Stan Williams on Memory-Based Computing

Bob Voigt on Superconducting Computing

Panel Q&A