Low-Power Image Recognition Challenge (LPIRC) 2017


LPIRC 2017 Competition to be held in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on 21 July 2017

Just before Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (cvpr2017.thecvf.com)

LPIRC 2017 Registration is coming soon!
For inquiries, please contact rcinfo@ieee.org.


LPIRC 2015

Please encourage your colleagues and students to participate! Student travel grants will be available.

Main Goal

Detect all relevant objects in as many images as possible of a common test set from the ImageNet object detection data set within 10 minutes.


Scoring System

Final score is the image processing score divided by the energy consumption.

Scoring System



Many mobile systems (smartphones, electronic glass, autonomous robots) can capture images. These systems use batteries and energy conservation is essential. This challenge aims to discover the best technology in both image recognition and energy conservation. Winners will be evaluated based on both high recognition accuracy and low power usage.


Image Recognition

Image recognition involves many tasks. This challenge focuses on object detection, a basic routine in many recognition approaches. The following two examples illustrate the task. In the first example, there are two objects: a bird and a frog. In the second example, there are several objects: cars, persons, motorcycle, and a helmet. The training and validation data for LPIRC comes from the ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge detection competition. The test data will be specific to LPIRC.


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