Supporting Societies & Councils

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Council on Superconductivity (CSC)

Representative: Elie Track


IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (TAS) contains articles on the applications of superconductivity and other relevant technology. Electronic applications include analog and digital circuits employing thin films and active devices such as Josephson junctions. Large scale applications include magnets for power applications such as motors and generators, for magnetic resonance, for accelerators, and cable applications such as power transmission.IEEE TAS publishes approximately five Regular Issues and three Special Issues per year. Special Issues are normally published in conjunction with conferences in the field of applied superconductivity and undergo the same peer-review process as articles published in Regular Issues.

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Electron Devices (EDS)

Representative: Jeewika Ranaweera, Samar K. Saha


Mission Statement: To foster professional growth of its members by satisfying their needs for easy access to and exchange of technical information, publishing, education, and technical recognition and enhancing public visibility in the field of Electron Devices.

Vision Statement: Promoting excellence in the field of electron devices for the benefit of humanity.

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Circuits & Systems (CASS)

Representative: Maciej Ogorzalek


Mission Statement: To foster technological innovation and excellence in fundamentals, emerging directions and application of circuits and systems for the benefit of humanity through an interdisciplinary community.

Vision Statement: To advance and promote Circuits and Systems knowledge framed in interdisciplinarity to be essential to the global and diverse technical community and be universally recognized for providing and leading solutions to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

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Magnetics (MAG)

Representative: Pedram Khalili


Mission Statement: "The IEEE Magnetics Society promotes the advancement of science, technology, applications and training in magnetism. It fosters presentation and exchange of information among its members and within the global technical community, including education and training of young engineers and scientists. It seeks to nurture positive interactions between all national and regional societies acting in the field of magnetism. The Society maintains the highest standard of professionalism and technical competency.

Vision Statement: To be the leading international professional organization for magnetism and for related professionals throughout the world.

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Signal Processing Society (SPS)

Representative: John McAllister


Mission Statement: The Signal Processing Society is an international organization whose purpose is to: advance and disseminate state-of-the-art scientific information and resources; educate the signal processing community; and provide a venue for people to interact and exchange ideas.

Vision Statement: The Signal Processing Society is a dynamic organization that is the preeminent source of signal processing information and resources to a global community. We do this by: being a one-stop source of signal processing resources; providing a variety of high quality resources to a variety of users in formats customized to their interests; adapting to a rapidly changing technical community; and being intimately involved in the education of signal processing professionals at all levels.

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Power Electronics (PELS)

Representative: Khurram Khan Afridi


Mission Statement: The objectives of the Power Electronics Society shall be scientific, literary, and educational in character.  The society shall advance the theory and practice of electrical and electronics engineering and of the allied arts and sciences and it shall promote a high level of technical excellence among its members.  PELS shall aid in promoting close cooperation and exchange of technical information among its members and affiliates, and to this end shall hold meetings for the presentation of papers and their discussion, shall sponsor periodicals and special publications, and through its committees shall study and provide the needs of its members and affiliates.

The Power Electronics Society is dedicated to:
- Upholding the vital scientific and educational aspects of power electronics and its applications.
- Keeping its members around the globe up to date on state-of-the-art technological developments and advances in power electronics research.

In striving to build knowledge and awareness of the latest technologies and other advances in power electronics, the Power Electronics Society's goal is to keep members current and competitive in the workplace and provide them with the tools necessary to help them grow both personally and professionally. We invite you to join us and benefit from a world of invaluable information and support.

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Council on Electronics Design Automation (CEDA)

Representative: Ian O'Connor


The Council on Electronic Design Automation (CEDA) was established to foster design automation of electronic circuits and systems at all levels. The Council’s field of interest spans the theory, implementation, and use of EDA/CAD tools to design integrated electronic circuits and systems. This includes tools that automate all levels of the design, analysis, and verification of hardware and embedded software up to and including complete working systems.

CEDA enables the exchange of technical information by means of publications, conferences, workshops, and volunteer activities.

As an organizational unit (OU) of IEEE, CEDA has seven member societies, namely: Antennas and Propagation, Circuits and Systems, Computer, Electron Devices, Electronics Packaging, Microwave Theory &Techniques, and Solid-State Circuits Societies.

To assure grounding in the major technology activities of the electronic design automation field, the Council has Member Technology Organizations from specific conferences, publications, and organizations. These Organizations bring information on the activities and directions of the EDA/CAD field.

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Solid States Circuits Society (SSCS)

Representative: Hoi-Jun Yoo


Mission Statement: The mission of the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society is to serve our members through education, communication, recognition, leadership opportunities, and networking.

Vision Statement: The IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society's vision is to foster innovation and excellence in solid-state circuits for the benefit of humanity.

Field of Interest: The IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society's field of interest is the design, implementation, and application of solid-state integrated circuits.

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