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Feature Article

Transistor Options Beyond 3 nm

Fabrication of next-generation transistor devices is becoming more challenging, and several technologies are being explored to maintain improved performance at device nodes beyond 3 nm into the next decade and beyond. Some of these are variants of present advanced CMOS devices. These include, for example, gate-all-around (GAA) FETs, where the gate wraps entirely around nanowire Si channels. Other variations may include complementary FETs (CFETs) and negative capacitance FETs (NC-FETs). Some of these may incorporate novel materials, such as ferroelectric gates (such as hafnium oxide). This will also require innovations in lithography and interconnects. These technologies are projected for about 2025, but are unlikely to displace some of the larger nodes for many applications.

For further details, please see the article in Semiconductor Engineering here.

Technology Spotlight

Technology Spotlight

“International Roadmap for Devices and System: A New Way to Roadmap the Electronics Industry,” by Dr. Paolo Gargini, Chairman of IRDS.

Dr. Gargini is the Chairman of IRDS, and formerly its predecessor organization ITRS. Prior to this, he was a senior executive at Intel. In his talk, he reviewed the history of semiconductor roadmaps, and how this led to IRDS being affiliated with IEEE Rebooting Computing as part of the Industry Connections Program of the IEEE Standards Society. According to Dr. Gargini, Moore’s Law is not really ending, but it is evolving toward 3D Power Scaling, which will enable continued exponential improvement for the foreseeable future.

IRDS will be announcing its 2018 roadmap soon, on its website. This roadmap will be available on IEEE Xplore.

The talk by Dr. Gargini is available here.

Dr. Gargini spoke at the IEEE Industry Summit on the Future of Computing, held on Nov. 10, 2017 as part of Rebooting Computing week, and included invited talks from a wide range of leaders of industry, academia, and government. See here for the agenda.

Other talks from the Industry Summit and the co-located ICRC 2017 are available here.