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Feature Article

IRDS Roadmap: Beyond CMOS

While CMOS will continue to be central to mainstream electronics in the next decade, the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems has a chapter on new devices and systems that will permit continued performance improvements in future decades.

The latest release of the IRDS Roadmap includes a major chapter on novel devices and systems that go beyond what conventional CMOS circuits can achieve. These emerging research devices include a variety of memory devices, novel transistor devices from carbon nanotubes to spintronics, and cryogenic and superconducting electronics. Novel systems are also previewed, including analog, neuromorphic, reversible, probabilistic, coupled oscillators, and quantum circuits and architectures. While roadmap projections are difficult for emerging technologies, alternative technologies are compared on the basis of power and speed for key applications. The chapter ends with a complete listing of more than 1000 recent citations.

Access the Beyond CMOS chapter here (PDF, 3 MB).

Technology Spotlight

Technology Spotlight

Microsoft Quantum Development Kit

Watch the demonstration video from Microsoft.

Microsoft recently introduced a software platform for simulating quantum computers, the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit, based on their new programming language Q# (Q-Sharp). This was initially implemented on Windows, and now versions are available for Mac and Linux operating systems. It is now also compatible with the Python language.

This platform is able to simulate up to about 30 logical qubits on a typical laptop computer, and will help users develop and debug applications that can be tested later on quantum computing hardware.

This development kit is available as a free download from Microsoft here.

For an overview of developing applications, see here.