"Rebooting Computing" was coined by IEEE Life Fellow Peter Denning as part of his National Science Foundation-sponsored initiative to revamp computing education. In February 2009, Peter organized an invitational summit with participation from 200 visionary leaders from all sectors touched by computing. More details on the Rebooting Manifesto and the 2009 summit can be viewed at http://rebootingcomputing.net/

The term was reinvented independently by our own co-Chair Tom Conte, and became an inspiration for a 2012 IEEE Future Directions working group to rethink the computer, "from soup to nuts," including all aspects from device to user interface. After getting agreement from Peter Denning, the working group took the name IEEE Rebooting Computing Initiative (http://rebootingcomputing.ieee.org)

The RC Initiative works from a holistic viewpoint, taking into account evolutionary and revolutionary approaches. It sponsors RC Summits and co-sponsors workshops and conferences on related topics.

There is multi-Society participation from the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CAS), IEEE Components, Manufacturing, and Manufacturing Technology Society (CPMT), IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation (CEDA), IEEE Computer Society (CS), IEEE Technical Council on Superconductivity (CSC), IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS), IEEE Magnetics Society (MAG), IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC), IEEE Reliability Society (RS) and IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (SSC). In addition, RC collaborates with the IEEE International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS™).

The Rebooting Computing Committee:


  • Elie Track (CSC)
  • Tom Conte (CS)
  • Erik DeBenedictis (CS)
  • Bruce Kraemer (SA)
  • Dejan Milojicic (CS)


  • Dan Allwood (MAG)
  • Neal Anderson (NTC)
  • Jesse Beu (CS)
  • Erik Blair (NTC)
  • Bill Bottoms (CPMT)
  • Larry Clevenger (EDS)
  • Ayse Coskun (CEDA)
  • Erik DeBenedictis (CS)
  • Paolo Gargini (IRDS™)
  • Glen Gulak (SSCS)
  • Steve Hillenius (SRC)
  • Bichlien Hoang (FD)
  • Scott Holmes (EDS)
  • Subramanian Iyer (EDS)
  • Alan Kadin (CSC)
  • Bruce Kraemer (SA)
  • Arvind Kumar (EDS)
  • Yung-Hsiang Lu (CS)
  • Terence Martinez (RC Program Director)
  • Yehia Massoud (CAS)
  • Dejan Milojicic (CS)
  • David Mountain (EDS)
  • Oleg Mukhanov (CSC)
  • Angelos Stavrou (RS)
  • John Paul Strachan (EDS)
  • William Tonti (RS)
  • Linda Wilson (IRDS™)
  • Junjun Xiong (CEDA)
  • Ian Young (SSCS)


CASS - Circuits and Systems Society
CEDA - Council on Electronic Design Automation
CPMT - Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Society
CS - Computer Society
CSC - Council on Superconductivity
EDS - Electron Devices Society
FD - Future Directions
MAG - Magnetics Society
NTC - Nanotechnology Council
RS - Reliability Society
SA - Standards Association
SRC - Semiconductor Research Corporation
SSCS - Solid State Circuits Society
IRDS™ - International Roadmap for Devices and Systems