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Forget Scaling. Moore's Law Panel Talks Power Consumption.

A panel of semiconductor experts at the South by Southwest festival sees a future that favors power-efficient computers instead of ones with smaller transistors.

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Beyond Moore's Law

In this Engadget article, Tom Conte examines Moore’s Law, the evolution of computer circuitry, and the switch to multicore. In order to keep delivering on computing advancements, a fundamentally different approach to computing is required. The IEEE Rebooting Computing Initiative was created to study these next-gen alternatives.

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What’s Next for Transistors and Systems

The online magazine Semiconductor Engineering interviewed several leaders in Chip Fabrication, focusing on future trends in nanodevices, alternative technologies, neuromorphic architectures, and advanced packaging. The upshot is that a variety of techniques will be needed for different applications in the next decade.

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Rebooting Computing: Developing a Roadmap for the Future of the Computer Industry

Members of the RC Steering Committee contributed an article to a special issue of Mondo Digitale, a trade magazine sponsored by the Italian Association for Informatics and Automatic Computation. The article reviewed how both the RC Initiative and the new IRDS Roadmap are working to reinvent the field of computing to maintain exponential enhancement in performance beyond the end of Moore’s Law scaling. Most of the article is in English.

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