Feature Articles - 2014


Imagining the Future: Thoughts on Computing

By Daniel A. Reed, Dennis B. Gannon, and James R. Larus, Microsoft

Exponentially increasing numbers of networked computing devices, the "Internet of Things" linked to big data in the cloud, can enable future assistive computing for each individual.

"Cloud-based digital assistants could take on many of the same tasks as a human assistant while also providing access to the wealth of data stored in the cloud."


Mobile Trusted Computing

By N. Asokan, Jan-Erik Ekberg, Kari Kostiainen, Anand Rajan, Carlos Rozas, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Steffen Schulz, and Christian Wachsmann

Computer Security is a broad field that has increasing significance in an age when everything is networked and computation is delocalized and distributed. There are a wide variety of threats to security, from computer hackers to commercial and government surveillance. One solution is pervasive encryption of data and communication, but more is needed on both the hardware and software levels. Mobile computing on smartphones and embedded devices presents special challenges, given that security provisions must be automatic and largely invisible to the end users. A review on the state-of-the-art is presented by Asokan, et al., in "Mobile Trusted Computing" in the Proceedings of the IEEE.


Roadmap to the Semiconductor Future

By Rebooting Computing Portal Staff


Cognition as a Part of Computational Creativity

By Lav R.Varshney, Florian Pinel, Kush R. Varshney, Angela Schörgendorfer, and Yi-Min Chee


The Future of Computing

By Kathy Pretz

The use of high-performance computers has exploded. The complex systems play a role in all sorts of tasks these days, including trading stocks, forecasting the weather, and breaking codes.

But people who work with the powerful machines are encountering roadblocks.